Premises for Rent

Premises for Rent

The KLI auditorium & associated area can be rented for scientific events.


Lecture Hall

  • Setting: Workshop

10 – 20 participants, banquet seating

  • Setting: Lecture

up to 70 participants, theater seating

up to 120 participants, open lecture hall, theater seating

  • Setting: Retreat, Summer/Winter Schools

up to 50 participants, parliament seating

Podium (optional)

Coffee breaks in the foyer

Catered lunches in the cantinetta (in the historical mansion)

Interactive zones in the garden

Separate entrance through the historical vaults 


Technical Equipment

High-definition Beamer

Blueray DVD

Sound system




(without personnel and catering)

The KLI can only be rented for scientific events that relate to the overall research scope of the institute.

1 day (w/o personnel & cleaning):                          €  2.000,-

½ day (w/o personnel & cleaning):                        €   1.000,-

1 evening (4 hours – w/o personnel & cleaning): €    1.000,-

(optional) coffee break per person                         €          8,-

(optional) Catering (lunch or dinner) can be organized



To reach the KLI from Vienna, we strongly recommend the use of public transport. There is no visitor parking area at the KLI. If you need to come by car, please use one of the three parking areas next to the train station.

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